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Multi-Color Opal Triplet 33x13mm :: $167.23 USD

Incredible multi-colors emerge from this opal triplet when it is tilted. As well as that you can see the broad flash that shows itself along the face of the opal. This looks so much more in person and...

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Green/Blue Opal Doublet 16x7mm :: $170.07 USD

This is a lovely boulder doublet from the 7mile opal field of Coober Pedy. There is a small inclusion near the surface but it''s very hard to spot. The stone has a small chip on one side but that can ...

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Multi-Color Opal Triplet 40x20mm :: $177.90 USD

It is easy to ignore the few cracks in this opal triplet, with colors like these! Red shines out massively as well as tones of other colors that appear, making this opal look very colorful and amazing...

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10 x Opal Triplets :: $177.90 USD

With 10 stones at a C C+ grade and a great price, this makes this parcel a fantastic buy. It has a great amount of color in each and has various patterns that display the color marvelously. Eight ar...

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7 x Green Opal Triplets :: $181.46 USD

Two of the calibrated opal triplets of this parcel are 12 x 10mm with the other five being 8 x 6mm. They are all a green and blue color with highlights of red, orange and gold appearing on certain ang...

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Red Opal Triplet 31x13mm :: $185.02 USD

Unfortunately, this opal triplet does have some cracks in it, but with such beautiful colors and patterns its hard to notice. Pretty much every color appears incredible against the darkness of the tr...

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7 x Opal Triplets :: $192.13 USD

This parcel contains seven beautiful opal triplets with a range of B to C+ grades. Two are 14 x 10mm, one is 12 x 10mm and the rest are all 10 x 8mm. Red, orange, blue, green, yellow and various other...

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Multi-Color Opal Triplet 37x12mm :: $195.69 USD

The photographs of this opal triplet do it no justice. When tilted in your hand it looks absolutely stunning and the multi-colors of this stone just come to life! It is all displayed with a rolling fl...

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8 x Green Opal Triplets :: $195.69 USD

Six of these wonderful opals have a size of 8 x 6mm with the other two being 12 x 10mm. They all have quite a bit of green and blue in them with other various colors mixed in. One of the 8 x 6mm opals...

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Red Solid Opal 15.5x10mm :: $199.25 USD

The red colors play beautifully off the broad flash face and white category of this loose opal gemstone. To see its maximum beauty this gem would need to be held in your hand. Originating in Coober Pe...

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8 x Opal Triplets :: $206.36 USD

Two of the larger opals of this parcel are 14 x 10mm with the other six being 10 x 8mm. All have fantastic colors that show themselves with assorted patterns. All in all these eight stones are great B...

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Green/Blue Opal Doublet 14x10mm :: $213.48 USD

The mixture of small and medium patterns help to display the beautiful green and blue of this opal doublet. Its freeshape pattern makes it a great candidate for a unique looking pendant and a bezel se...

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7 x Opal Doublets :: $214.19 USD

What a stunning collection of small opal doublets. There are five ovals, one teardrop and one freeform ranging in size from 6x3.5mm to 11x4.5mm. This parcel represents great value for money at this pr...

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4 x Opal Snails :: $220.60 USD

Of the four fossilized opal snails pictured here, only one of them appears to be without any visible color. But once you remove more of the sandstone that this treasure has been hiding in for the last...

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4 x Opal Snails :: $234.83 USD

As seen in the photos of this parcel of opal snails, not all snails are complete but still show the overall shape of the snail it once was. Each snail is still partially covered in the sandstone it wa...

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Coober Pedy Opal

The first Coober Pedy opal claim (not Cooper Pedy) was pegged in 1915 and based on floaters found at the base of the escarpment, near the site of the present day town. Since that first discovery, Coober Pedy has evolved into a modern outback town.


Whilst mining the world renowned Coober Pedy opal, almost half of the population lives underground in dugouts with all the modern conveniences of above-ground homes. Spas, squash courts, swimming pools and even small cinemas are quite common in the modern-day dugouts. Precious Australian opal even runs across the walls of some dugouts and is often left exposed, creating a beautiful feature. The town of Coober Pedy has underground restaurants, churches, tourist mines and boasts the first underground motels in the world.






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