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Green/Orange Solid Opal 7x6mm :: $124.53 USD

A crystal variety opal from Mintabie in a pretty teardrop shape with minor inclusions. The gemstone is opaque with holographic green coloring but the photograph does not show the underlying shades of...

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Red Solid Opal 16x10mm :: $125.24 USD

Although not so obvious in our photos, this is an exceptionally bright and flashy opal. Broad flashing red, along with some green and purple come alive in this beautiful crystal opal. No faulting but ...

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3 x Solid Opals :: $156.55 USD

These three stones would all look amazing when set into jewelry. The largest round opal is 10.5mm x 9.5mm and has absolutely stunning colors. Green, orange and yellow flash across the face, in an amaz...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $167.23 USD

Two fantastic opals with a size of 12 x 8.5mm for the oval and 12.5 x 7.5mm for the other come together to bring you this parcel. Each opal has plenty of different colors that are displayed with vario...

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3 x Red Solid Opals :: $174.34 USD

If you like red opal, this parcel could be the one for you. Three beautiful crystal solid opals make up this parcel and have wonderful bursts of colors. The largest is 10.5 x 6mm. Each has assorted pa...

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 11x7mm :: $177.19 USD

Now this piece of green/orange opal caught my eye, both for it''s great price but also for the large flashes of color dancing across this stone. Being predominately green and orange, this solid opal a...

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Green/Gold Solid Opal 12.5x7.5mm :: $177.90 USD

Bezel set in a simple white gold ring, would help to capture the dazzling beauty of this crystal opal. Plays of color in large patterns of green and gold, dance across the face of this stone, with fle...

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Green/Yellow Solid Opal 10.5x7.5mm :: $177.90 USD

As you can see from the picture, this holds an amazing flash that comes out to play for you with a green and yellow colored tinge. Plenty of other like blue and purple can be seen and playing against ...

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Red Solid Opal 17x8.5mm :: $182.17 USD

A lovely broad flash red opal. Many other colors come into play when the opal is rolled. This opal is faultless with no visible inclusions. A very nice pendant just waiting to be created and just have...

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 7x5.5mm :: $185.02 USD

Description coming soon.

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 7.8x5mm :: $192.13 USD

Weighing .45ct, this opal is very fascinating for its size. Reds and blues can be seen along with the green and orange and even flashes of pink can be seen within this beautiful little opal. Great amo...

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2 x Gold/Orange Solid Opals :: $206.36 USD

These opals are both around 10x8mm and make a beautiful set. Their gold and orange colors look absolutely stunning, as do the assorted patterns that show them. Slight specks of blue can also be seen. ...

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Red Solid Opal 14x6.5mm :: $206.36 USD

This oval solid opal gemstone is a great candidate to be set as a pendant, especially for women. If you men want something nice for an anniversary or just as a gift to show your love this could be the...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $206.36 USD

The pictures show the green and blue colors that these contain but they dont show the more warm colors like red, orange, gold and pinks. Even aqua is shown aswell as the blue. One opal is 10x6.5mm and...

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Green Solid Opal 12x7.5mm :: $213.48 USD

Medium and large patters are featured within this solid opal gemstone and display the green colors beautifully. This would make a stunning and simple pendant and would make the perfect gift for your l...

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Crystal Opal

Natural Crystal Opal is a class of Australian opal that has no base color and can be from very transparent to translucent. Crystal opals have been very popular for their elegance and beauty and are found in all the major Australian mining areas of including Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lambina, Mintabie and Lightning Ridge.


We offer a large selection of crystal and dark crystal opal from the softer blues to the fiery reds in all shapes and sizes. Our policy is... if we don't have exactly what you're after then we'll find it for you. So if you have something special in mind please feel free to contact us.







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