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Red Solid Opal 9.5x6mm :: $163.76 USD

This value for money red opal shows good color all round. It has no faults but does have visible inclusions hence the low price tag. Would be suited to a ring or pendant. Green and gold are also prese...

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3 x Solid Opals :: $195.80 USD

These three stones would all look amazing when set into jewelry. The largest round opal is 10.5mm x 9.5mm and has absolutely stunning colors. Green, orange and yellow flash across the face, in an amaz...

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2 x Red Solid Opals :: $204.70 USD

Here are two lovely examples of what Lightning Ridge has to offer. Beautiful reds can easily be found in both dark crystals, while other colors make an appearance. While both opals are quite different...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $209.15 USD

Two fantastic opals with a size of 12 x 8.5mm for the oval and 12.5 x 7.5mm for the other come together to bring you this parcel. Each opal has plenty of different colors that are displayed with vario...

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3 x Red Solid Opals :: $218.05 USD

If you like red opal, this parcel could be the one for you. Three beautiful crystal solid opals make up this parcel and have wonderful bursts of colors. The largest is 10.5 x 6mm. Each has assorted pa...

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5 x Multi-Color Solid Opals :: $222.50 USD

Five lovely white opals make up this parcel from Lightning Ridge. Colors like green, red, blue, pink, orange and yellow can be found in these five gems. The largest tear of the bunch is 17.8mm x 13mm ...

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Green/Yellow Solid Opal 10.5x7.5mm :: $222.50 USD

As you can see from the picture, this holds an amazing flash that comes out to play for you with a green and yellow colored tinge. Plenty of other like blue and purple can be seen and playing against ...

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5 x Solid Opals :: $226.95 USD

If you aren''t sure of what kind of opals you like or want to be experimental, this is a good parcel for you. These assorted solid opals all have different colors, patterns, cuts and their opal catego...

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2 x Green/Blue Solid Opals :: $229.62 USD

The photographs of these two gorgeous opal gemstones, gives you a good idea of the vibrancy of the colors. But still doesn’t quite show you the intensity of play, when you admire these opals. Both are...

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3 x Solid Opals :: $231.40 USD

The sizes of the three opals of this parcel are 10.5 x 6mm, 9.5 x 6mm, 9 x 6.5mm. They all have different features and are a mixture of dark crystal and crystal....

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2 x Blue/Green Solid Opals :: $231.40 USD

Beautiful blues and greens can be seen in both of these opals, along with gold, orange, turquoise and purple that can be seen when tilted. The larger oval shaped stone is 13.1 x 9.9mm and the more uni...

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 9.5x7mm :: $231.40 USD

This little beauty would make a great ring or pendant and is an excellent buy for the price! There is also quite a bit of purple that is featured within this solid opal as well as green and a bit of b...

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 7.8x5mm :: $240.30 USD

Weighing .45ct, this opal is very fascinating for its size. Reds and blues can be seen along with the green and orange and even flashes of pink can be seen within this beautiful little opal. Great amo...

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Multi-Color Solid Opal 9.5x5.5mm :: $243.86 USD

This crystal opal gemstone has such a generous display of color and pattern that is visible across the face and down the sides, that it would look fantastic if set in a claw type of setting. While the...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $243.86 USD

Unique, individual and simply stunning... this parcel consists of two solid opals from Lightning Ridge. The oval is green dark crystal and measures 9 x 5.5mm in size, and has a beautiful display of pu...

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Lightning Ridge Opal

Australian Lightning Ridge Opal has been very sought after since it was first discovered in Australia in 1903. Black opal, black crystal opal, dark crystal and even crystal opals in both nobbies and seam are mined in Lightning Ridge with bright flashes of red, orange, gold purple, green and blue colors.


Producing most of the worlds black fire opal and with a population of around 3,000 people, Lightning Ridge is a bustling community that will be mining opal well into the future.






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