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Green/Orange Solid Opal 7x6mm :: $124.53 USD

A crystal variety opal from Mintabie in a pretty teardrop shape with minor inclusions. The gemstone is opaque with holographic green coloring but the photograph does not show the underlying shades of...

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Red Solid Opal 16x10mm :: $125.24 USD

Although not so obvious in our photos, this is an exceptionally bright and flashy opal. Broad flashing red, along with some green and purple come alive in this beautiful crystal opal. No faulting but ...

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Green/Orange Solid Opal 11x7mm :: $177.19 USD

Now this piece of green/orange opal caught my eye, both for it''s great price but also for the large flashes of color dancing across this stone. Being predominately green and orange, this solid opal a...

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Green/Gold Solid Opal 12.5x7.5mm :: $177.90 USD

Bezel set in a simple white gold ring, would help to capture the dazzling beauty of this crystal opal. Plays of color in large patterns of green and gold, dance across the face of this stone, with fle...

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Red Solid Opal 17x8.5mm :: $182.17 USD

A lovely broad flash red opal. Many other colors come into play when the opal is rolled. This opal is faultless with no visible inclusions. A very nice pendant just waiting to be created and just have...

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3 x Solid Opals :: $185.02 USD

This is an interesting parcel of dark crystal opals from the Mintabie region. The average size is 6.5 x 5mm but they have varying styles of cuts - two in low cabochon cut with about 2 mm thickness and...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $206.36 USD

When you hold these two opals under the light, they are simply stunning. The bigger opal is 10 x 9.5mm and sparkles with fire-red and green at different angles with a picturesque background of blue an...

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2 x Red Solid Opals :: $214.19 USD

Coming from the Mintabie mining region these two solid crystal opals are described as red, but many other colors also come out to play. Green, orange and flecks of blue make themselves known from cert...

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2 x Red Solid Opals :: $249.06 USD

These two beautifully matching red opals would make an ideal ring/pendant set. The larger stone is 17 x 9.5mm and apart from dazzling red it also has green, blue and purple. It is faultless with inclu...

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Red Solid Opal 13x8mm :: $249.06 USD

A very nice red crystal opal with blue and purple as well. This opal is always filled with bright color no matter which angle it's viewed from. Faultless and with no visible inclusions this opal will ...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $261.16 USD

These two crystal opals are a great size at a very affordable price. The smaller opal is 10.5 x 9mm and is red with green. It is faultless but does have a small visible inclusion. The larger opal is 1...

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Red Solid Opal 18.5x18mm :: $261.16 USD

The original shape gives this solid piece of opal from Mintabie more character and charm. Red being the main color, there is a stunning bar of green, aqua and blue playing almost in the centre of this...

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2 x Solid Opals :: $279.66 USD

This oval is green with some orange and is 16 x 12mm. The Teardrop is red with just a little green and is 13 x 11mm. Minor inclusions are present in both these opals but they will not remain visible o...

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3 x Solid Opals :: $286.06 USD

This gorgeous trio was mined in the Mintabie region, and as you can see the smaller oval and the teardrop are a great match. The drop is 9.5 x 7 x 3.5mm in size while the smaller oval measures 9 x 6.5...

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Multi-Color Solid Opal 10.5x8mm :: $298.87 USD

The photographs don't give enough credibility to this little opal gemstone. There is actually a very beautiful rolling flash that changes color from the moment you tilt the piece. The colors of the ra...

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Mintabie Opal

Mintabie Opal is mined mainly from open cut mines. The town of Mintabie is located approximately 270km north west of Coober Pedy, in South Australia. Black opal, crystal opal and white opal are all mined in and around Mintabie, which was the largest producer of Australian opal between 1985 and 1989. Mintabie opal is renowned for its bright colors and longevity. Opal mining began in Mintabie in 1921 and continues to this present day.


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