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Multi-Color Opal Belemnite 55x11.5mm :: $602.73 USD

It is a shame that photographs cannot capture the intensity of the colors of some opal; this is certainly one of those times.This opal belemnite is actually quite hypnotic in its show of color...

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Green/Orange Opal Belemnite 76.5x10mm :: $3,282.61 USD

Close your mouth and quit drooling. It's yours for the taking…you just have to act fast. This is truly a gorgeous crystal belemnite! Whilst being large patterned green and orange in description, there...

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Opal Belemnites

If you are searching for a gift for the person who has it all, or seems to, then search no further…as you are at the right place : ) Belemnites are gorgeous, stunning and unique with no two ever being the same. This is great if you are seeking something totally individual. When given as a gift, an opalised belemnite will leave a lasting impression for many years to come... they won't forget who gave it to them.


When deciding on just what you may like to do with an opal belemnite the one and only limitation you will encounter is that of your own imagination. Opal belemnites, or pipes as they are commonly known, can be set in many varied and different ways, from the pendant to the paper weight, to a brooch or ornament, as a display specimen or even a decoration piece for an aquarium... for those who indeed do 'have it all'.






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