Queensland Boulder Opal

This unique type of Australian opal is just that, precious opal within a boulder host. The host rock is cut or split open, revealing its beautiful hidden treasure of boulder opal with colors including red, orange, green and blue. Found exclusively in small areas of Queensland, Australia.

A large portion of western Queensland contains some of the most beautiful opals Mother Nature has to offer. This opal is so beautiful that many who truly understand opal regard the best Queensland boulder opals to be of greater beauty than even the best Lightning Ridge black opals. These beautiful boulder opal gems look very flashy and so alive when set into jewelry.

Seams of boulder opal within the dense ironstone are of varying thickness and this is the reason much of this type of opal has an irregular surface. The cutter simply follows the irregular seams and then shapes the stone.

Where boulder opal has been split open it is not normally polished, simply shaped. The fractured surfaces have a great polish, as good as any opal cutter could ever hope for.