Cut Opal, Loose Opals and Opal Parcels has a large range of cut opal gemstones available either as loose opals or as opal parcels from Australia's major opal mining fields and are ready to be set into your favorite type of jewelry. So take your time enjoy the site and don't forget ...we're here to help.

"Today I went to the Post Office to pick up the package you sent me. While taking care of other business there, I kept looking at the package and finally couldn't take it anymore so I took my car key and opened it up. When I saw the black opal pendant you made for me, it just took my breath away! It is exquisite! I never expected it to come out so beautiful and I was so surprised to see the beautiful chain you included with the pendant! I was so pleased and excited that I put it on right there and wore it for the rest of the day. You have really outdone yourself this time. Please don't forget to keep an eye out for the matching black opals I want to have made into earrings." Your friend and loyal customer, Marilyn, San Antonio, Tx

Cut Opal and Loose Opals

We have a large range of cut opal for sale both as loose opals and in parcels. These beautiful Australian gem stones can be set in all types of jewelry including rings, pendants and earrings just to name a few. Many of our customers find that perfect piece of loose opal or parcel of opals and create their very own unique items of custom hand made jewelry at's friendly and experienced staff are happy to assist from gem stone selection right through to jewelry design. We are fortunate to have the services of one of Australia's leading opal jewelers at our disposal and our combined experience in working with these beautiful cut opal gemstones over many years has resulted in the creation of many very stunning fashion accessories.

So once you have found the perfect cut opal for you, why not contact us and discuss the many options available for setting your gemstone into a piece of jewelry that will accurately reflect your character and taste. We can supply beautiful custom jewelry in silver, platinum and also in 9k, 14k, and 18k yellow, white or rose gold.

If you would like to know more about custom made jewelry, please contact us.