Solid Opal Gemstones supply quality Australian solid opal in all shapes, sizes and colors. We have many different types of precious opal from the black opals of Lightning Ridge with flashes of red and gold, to the beautiful green/orange solid opal crystals from Andamooka and the amazing fossil opals from the opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy.

Once an Australian precious opal has been cut and polished it is referred to as a solid opal. The term also asserts that the finished and highly polished opal gemstone is a single piece of opal and not a composite.

When searching for a polished solid opal you intend to have set into a piece of jewelry, some of the things to consider are the color you see on the surface of the opal gemstone; the play of the pattern and the color of the opal itself.

One of the things that makes solid opal so intriguing is the fact that even though one color may appear when the opal is viewed from a certain angle, when tilted and viewed from a slightly different angle, many other colors and patterns also come into play. Choosing a solid opal gemstone is a very personal choice that will accurately reflect the inner character of the person wearing it.