Ring Size Calculator and Opal Dimensions Charts

Sometimes its difficult to picture the size of something simply by looking at a photograph or a list of dimensions. With this in mind we have created printable charts with the most common opal sizes to help determine the exact size of an opal from a visual perspective.

Ring sizes can sometimes be difficult to determine. Our ring sizing chart can also be printed and you can simply place a ring over the chart until you find the size that fits. Our ring sizing chart also comes with stencils that can be cut out and wrapped around any finger that you wish to determine the sizing of.

Click on the link for the chart that you require.

When printing any of the sizing charts, be sure to select 'no page scaling' and 'A4 size'. This will ensure that the stencils are printed exactly to size. Once you have printed a chart please measure one or two of the stencils to be sure that printing is to scale.