Opal Care

  • Opal is a 'living stone' and thus should be protected from extreme heat and harsh chemicals. (do not leave it on the dashboard of the car).
  • Be careful over hard surfaces that you don't drop it.
  • Opal has a hardness of between 5.5 and 6.5 on Mohs' scale and since some particles found in dust (granite etc) have a greater hardness, some care needs to be taken when wiping opal clean. Rinse first with cold water then wipe with a very soft, clean cloth.
  • Take care not to knock opal against hard objects especially if set in a low hanging pendant as they tend to naturally swing forward when the wearer leans forward.
  • Polished opal can be wiped clean with methylated spirits (surgical spirit) and a soft tissue.
  • Opal doublets and triplets are best not placed in water for long periods or worn in the bath or shower because the combination of heat and steam can compromise the integrity of the glue used in their production. Solid opal has no problems in water.
  • If you are having your opal set, make sure the person is familiar with setting opal. Most reputable jewelers are familiar with the properties of opal and should be able to set your opal perfectly.
  • Most importantly of all wear your opal. It's far too beautiful to be left in a drawer.