Shipping Costs & Times

Shipping Times:

Your purchase will be shipped within 48 hours of payment confirmation*. The general timeframe for delivery is set out below and varies depending on your location. Orders shipped via FedEx (Express Courier International) can be tracked online. We can deliver to almost anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately at this time, not all orders shipped via airmail can be tracked, although many can be.

Destination Country FedEx Express Airmail
U.S.A. 2-5 working days 4-6 working days
Japan 2-5 working days 3-4 working days
Germany 2-5 working days 4-6 working days
Saudi Arabia 3-5 working days 4-6 working days
China 3-5 working days 4-6 working days
United Kingdom 3-5 working days 4-5 working days
Switzerland 3-5 working days 5-6 working days
France 2-5 working days 5-7 working days
Italy 2-5 working days 5-7 working days
Australia n/a 3-4 working days

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs vary depending on your destination and preferred shipping method. These costs will be calculated automatically for you and appear separately along side the purchase price at the cart. Shipping costs do not include any duties or taxes which may be payable in your country. If you are unsure, please contact your local customs office and enquire about taxes, fees or duties (if any). If any fees, taxes or duties are payable in your country, you must pay these fees to the relevant authorities upon receipt of your order.

Shipping to a different address:

At, aside from providing you with an enjoyable online shopping experience, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and security. To help us protect the security of your credit card and expedite your order, we ask that if your order is to be shipped to an address other than the billing address on your credit card, that you list the alternative address with your credit card company. Doing this in advance may speed up the processing of your order. To include an alternate address on file with your credit card provider, simply call the toll-free number on the back of your credit card and ask your provider to add this alternate address to the notes of your account.

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